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Reflect on the Past; Plan for the Future

Happy New Year 👋

I’m sure I’m not alone in having enjoyed some downtime over the festive period. Mine was quiet on the home front, so I had time to reflect on 2021 and look forward to this year. So what did I learn?

The two values most precious to me are integrity and respect. And I won’t compromise on either. I started a LinkedIn row when a poster was shown a blatant lack of respect. And I’m usually the slowest to wade into an argument, let alone begin one!

The state of mental health seems to be at an all-time low, and that’s upsetting me. I’d love a magic wand to make everyone OK again. Yep, I’m realistic about my abilities and realise that magic is beyond me but, maybe I can help by sharing some ideas about building personal resilience. Helping one person just a little bit will be worth it.

Having embarked on a new copywriting career, the signs are good that I might be decent at it. I’ve been way too focused on results for clients, experience and validation for me that I haven’t been charging much. Now the bank balance is starting to scream!

So, what about 2022?

🙉 I won’t allow imposter syndrome to rule. I’ll allow it to keep me grounded but not persuade me I can’t or shouldn’t do something.

🙉 I won’t work for free! What I do DOES add value for a client’s business – and what I do IS my business. And businesses are supposed to earn money – right?

🙉 I won’t produce copy without thoroughly researching the client’s business first – ambiguity is all right, sudden U-turns in business direction isn’t!

✔ My focus is now on email marketing. I enjoy it. I’ve proved I’m pretty good at it. And I understand lots of businesses don’t make the most of it. This means they’re missing great sales opportunities and even, in my opinion, not treating past customers with respect!

✔ I will be OK with turning down a prospective client if they’re not a good fit. If they’re not a good fit for me, I won’t be a good fit for them. And that’s not the basis for a respectful relationship!

✔ I will post more. I may not be slick, confident, or the most imaginative, but this is a great way to practice creating copy. Why is it so much easier when it’s for someone else yet feel kind of naked when it’s for me? You can get to know me better – I have received many connection requests in 2021 and have only engaged with their work. Now it’s time to get out there myself!

Good luck with your reflections and planning for 2022, for those who haven’t done so already 🌞

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