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I set high standards for myself and the clients I work for:


I operate ethically and with integrity – no compromise

I only work with two or three clients at one time

I won’t work with you if you might be seen as a direct competitor’ of a recent client

I write copy; I don’t manage the technology

I am not a grammar Nazi -  your style is ok with me

Your success is my success – it’s the results that matter

I hate sales!

I hate the word sliver!

I hate sewing!

I love clients who have people at the heart of what they do

I love clients who are enthusiastic and like some fun

I love clients who are decisive

I love all animals and nature

I love apostrophes; without them, the world doesn’t make sense

I love the power of words – and making writing fly

You're the boss - I create, correct, and advise; your word is final

Email Marketing Copywriting Specialist

Editing & Proofreading services