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Titbit #3: Top reasons for losing subscribers.

Losing people from your list is inevitable. And it can be a good thing; it’s better than inactive people.

Inactive subscribers (people who should unsubscribe but don’t bother) alert the spam filters to send your emails to junk folders, in turn damaging your deliverability rate.

It’s better to have a clan that likes you and wants to hear your news.

#Marketingresearch is consistent in finding these top 3 reasons people unsubscribe:

❌ Too many emails. Whether daily or weekly, this was the #1 reason. Let people know how often you intend to email when they sign up. If you get lots of unsubscribes, play with your frequency.

❌ Emails are too spammy. Check your subject lines – they’re so important. Check your content. If all you do is push your product to your list, they’ll be more likely to wave goodbye.

❌ Content isn’t valuable. Using emails to promote your products is justifiable. But give value as well – use hints and tips, how-to guides, insider secrets, stories, etc., to keep your clan entertained.

Other reasons include:

☹ Not knowing they’ve subscribed (use the double-opt-in to reduce this)

☹ Unexpected promotions or content (explain at opt-in and in the welcome email what they can expect from you)

☹ Emails aren’t valuable anymore (weed out inactive subscribers from your list every 6 months or so)

☹ Emails have too many typos or dead links (proofread and test before sending!)

Check these if you’re experiencing a spate of unsubscribes and test some new practices – you’ve got this!

But if you’d like some help, Contact me.


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