Are your ads, causing you stress? Here’s how to power up your sales faster than you can imagine.


Picture this…

Your social media ad persuades people to learn and want more. It creates enough curiosity that they click on a page where they get something free, or a discount code. They’re delighted. They want to know more.

And guess what? You have their email address now, so you can offer them more.

 Now they’re starting to trust that you know what you’re doing. They’re hungry to read the next episode, get the next snippet. They know what you can do for them.

Then they buy it.


Of course, there are other copywriters out there. Probably loads of them. But not many will woo & wow your customers. There aren’t many based in your locality, so meetings are difficult. Or they’re top of their game and cost loads of £££ and often take a long time to craft their copy.


Choose me to woo & wow your potential customers with Direct Response Copywriting.- I love to learn as much as I can about your business and ideal customer.

I’ll study your product or service so I can tell the FULL STORY fast, at a reasonable cost.


Worried that contacting your email list will make people unsubscribe? Good – they weren’t going to buy anyway! Keep people who like you and your company. Entertain them and the chances are they’ll buy something or buy more of something.


If you’re in the UK - and especially local in Beds., Cambs., or Northants you’re the first step to being the right client for me. If you want writing that flies and brings the sales without breaking your marketing budget, contact me now.