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The Cost of making Words Fly

When you visit a website and are told the pricing varies, it’s annoying, isn’t it?

I’m sorry.

The thing is, pricing does vary!

Here’s why…

I may specialise in emails, but I also write copy for other things. Sales letters, web pages, landing pages have all been requested – and accepted.

I’ve never been asked to write just one email. I might write a package of emails as a lead up to an offer or sale (usually a series of 7-9). I might do a landing page (the one where the offer sits) followed by a welcome series of emails (usually 3-7). Or I might produce regular emails for someone’s list (from 2 per week to once a quarter).

Emails typically cost from £50 - £100 each.

Sales letters are between £100 - £500.

Landing pages plus emails start at £350.

Almost all will need research, which is a separate charge, from £100 - £1,000.

There are so many variations it’s impossible to list them neatly like a restaurant menu.

If you’re thinking that sounds like a lot of ££ for a page of writing this is why…The cost is in what happens before the writing starts. Here’s an example…

A photographer specialising in photo shoots of horses and their owners (Horse Photography) wants a landing page, welcome and follow-up emails for a 20% discount for a month.

The page and emails need to attract the owners, not appeal to the photographer.


I want to know lots about the photographer and their business. Why horses and their owners? What happens during the shoot? How do you get the horses to stand, move, and look how you want? How do you work with the owner? What packages are offered?

I look at other photographers doing a similar thing. Why? To see how Horse Photography differs from theirs. What do they offer that others don’t? What’s their USP (unique selling point)?

Next, I’ll think about Horse Photography’s client. What do they want? A nice picture for their wall?

Well, yes… but anyone can take a nice picture on a smartphone. So it’s more than that.

The owner wants pictures that capture the personality of their beloved horse. The photos portray the relationship, partnership, and love between horse and owner. Some owners want to reflect reality, some to be artistic or romanticised, others action.

All of that must be turned into writing that gets the message across clearly, simply, and filled with emotional connection. Understanding the psychology that will persuade a horse owner to want Horse Photography to do a photoshoot for their horse.

How long does it take?

I would spend at least one day researching Horse Photography and the industry. Another day on the psychology and benefits. The writing starts on day three. The final day is spent editing. The quote would look something like this:

Research £500.00 Landing page & 5 emails £500.00 Total: £1,000 Research time can vary, hence the spread of prices. A lot more effort goes into saturated or complex industries. The more specialised my client’s service or product is, it often needs less research time. It’s mostly about finding the USP to be able to make my client the obvious and only choice in the sector.

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