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Don't risk errors that turn your reader off!

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A BBC study in 2017 showed that a single spelling mistake can lose customers, who think it's a fraudulent site and makes you look less intelligent than you are.

A misplaced comma cost an aircraft manufacturer $70m when it was one decimal place out in the contract.

You’ve made a mistake like: “Sorry for the incontinence caused”. Real story. On a letter received in a professional office. We stopped using the supplier – and, yes, that relied-upon spellcheck error did factor into our decision!

And a colleague who was buying her first house. She really liked one but was so appalled by the poor spelling in the spec that she refused to look. But later bought it through a different Estate Agent who made fewer mistakes!


If you think your work deserves to be its best, get an edit it and final proof to make your writing fly.


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