• Carrie Scott

Are you neglecting your customers?

I’m talking about the people hanging in suspense on your email list.

Did you know that email marketing promises to deliver the highest ROI of all marketing channels?

Statistics show that in 2021, email communication had a four-times higher reach than organic social media.

The average email open rate is between 12-25%.

That doesn’t sound very much, I know, so let’s break it down…

Say you have 100 customers on your list. And you have a 20% open rate – that’s 20 customers.

Say 20% of them make a purchase of something for £75.

Only 5?

Yes, but if that’s 5 people buying a £75 product…

You make £375.

That’s not bad!

If you’re not doing it already, open the door to your email list and get writing!

If you have an email list of more than 500 people and would like some help, contact me at

Whether you just want a strategy, free up your time, or get more sales, I can help!

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