• Carrie Scott

I admit I got distracted...

By the Olympics. I was trying to work, but these guys kept demanding my attention!

I loved it all. I always get Olympic fever. I watch any sport – even sport I wouldn’t dream of watching normally.

The highlights for me were the Equestrian disciplines, but I revelled in every British success. I was heartbroken to see some devastating scenes – Adam Gemili and Katarina Johnson-Thompson getting injured.

I was excited for every athlete, wherever they came from when they succeeded. And delighted when countries like San Marino and The Philippines won their first-ever medals.

But the ultimate highlight for me, was when the Italian and Qatar high jumpers asked to share the gold medal. Friends who didn’t want to carry on and beat the other. I felt as though I’d won the medal myself when I saw their discussion and ensuing delight.

Working for mutual benefit can only be a good thing. There doesn’t always have to be a winner and a loser to make yourself happy!

Roll on the Paralympics!

What was your highlight?

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